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ACD Construction, an international pipeline construction company was established in 2002 in Ankara/Turkey to provide a broad range of pipeline construction service. ACD Construction encompasses a demonstrated history of pipeline construction experience. Since its establishment, ACD Construction has successfully performed numerous pipeline construction projects on three different continents and five different countries.

The company's areas of specialization are outlined as follows:

  • Pipeline construction of Oil & Gas and Water
  • Pump station & compressor station construction
  • Natural gas RMS station construction
  • Oil field development projects & process piping works
  • Hot-tap, line stop and line replacement operations

The company has a professional team of experts and equipment in the field of construction, oil & gas. Our head office is located in Ankara/Turkey and warehouse is located in Haymana-Ankara/Turkey. ACD Construction has become an indispensable organization due to its meticulous, and professional approach, and is a beacon of reliability in today’s competitive market.
ACD Construction Trade Co.Lti.
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